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இம்மை மற்றும் மறுமை வாழ்க்கைக்காக நற்காரியங்களைச் செய்வதில் ”இஸ்திகாமத்” தாக இருப்பது

  • Gratitude leads to the realisation and acknowledgment that everything that we achieve comes from Allah, even though it might seem that it came from Allah’s creation. Remember, the nikmat from Allah in terms of sustenance is not limited to monetary wealth but encompasses all forms of blessings including time, health, marital bliss, and children who are kind to their parents.
  • A heart that is grateful believes that it is Allah who fulfils all of one’s desires. A grateful heart is one of the reasons that The Almighty increases one’s sustenance. And always make zikr to Allah at all times, and in all situations. Making zikr is not limited to when we are at the mosque, or on the prayer mat. We can make zikr wherever we are; at work, in school, in public, when we are alone, and so on. Most importantly, when we are studying, we study hard to gain beneficial knowledge, and when we are working, we work diligently to earn halal income, and when we interact with our friends, we observe the ethics of friendship and interactions, and at the same time, we do not abandon our relationship with God. That is the essence and true concept of making zikr, or remembering Allah.
  • Marriage is full of ups and downs. At times, it is beautiful, and many times it is otherwise. The beauty of marriage begins with us, and its horrors are also caused by us. We are able to shape our marriage, and we also have the potential to ruin it. do not ever neglect our responsibilities to our wives. Treat them well, and be patient with their whims because they have accepted us as we are. Avoid any matters that may bring about negative implications to our marriage. Let us sincerely seek from Allah earnestly that Allah strengthens our istiqamah in doing good deeds in this world and the hereafter, that He grants us a heart that is always grateful, and a tongue that is always wet with zikrullah, and bestows us with a family that is sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah.