Religion and Social Responsibility

  • From various teachings that we have studied in Islam, there is one that is truly important. It is related to religion and the reality of life, which are never separated from one another. Religion teaches us to observe our responsibilities to Allah, to ourselves, as well as to the community as a whole.



  • Although the situation is getting better today, we are still facing the threat of the pandemic. It has not ended, and we must continue making the necessary adjustments. With the COVID-19 vaccine in circulation, this is our opportunity to carry out our social responsibility. By taking the vaccine, it is our choice to ensure that we, our families and the community remain protected.



  • So let’s not be the reason this pandemic is prolonged, just because we are still uncertain or confused about the vaccine, as a result of fake news and false information that we hear on social media. As a Muslim community, this is the time we strive and observe tawakkal. With sincere intentions and efforts, let us take this vaccine when our turn comes.