Reviving Our Noble Values

  • Our religion emphasises goodness, whether it stems from religious guidance, or from the customs and culture that we have inherited. As long as the custom is righteous and does not contradict the Shariah and our Islamic beliefs, then it is considered good and acceptable by the religion.


  • Every year when Aidulfitri comes, it has become our custom to ask others for forgiveness. The elders are shown respect by having their homes visited by the younger members of the families first, after which the elders will reciprocate by visiting their younger relatives. The very young are shown love by being given gifts to celebrate this joyful day.
  • When we reflect on these customs and practices, we understand that they are actually in line with religious teachings, and that they are not prohibited by our religion. In fact, the religion encourages us to keep alive customs and practices that bring family members closer together.