Ramadan – The Month of Mercy and Compassion

  • Ramadan is the month where a Mukmin strives to perform beneficial deeds. Every effort that brings about benefit is an act of worship,  let us work towards becoming more productive this Ramadan, such as by contributing our time and efforts to volunteer at mosques or welfare organisations.

  • Fasting should never be a reason for us to feel listless and weak. Rather, fasting should help us be more focused in our daily affairs. Despite the fact that our bodies may be weaker than normal, our faith should be revitalized, purified of sins and wrongdoings.

  • Ramadan instils in us the virtue of mercy (rahmah), and enlivens the spirit of compassion (ihsan). Ramadan presents us with the opportunity to perform acts of worship and deeds that can enjoin ties of friendship, increase respect for others, and strengthen the ties between us. It reflects of the essence of Islam which brings upon mercy to all.