Respecting Women

  • Islam’s message is very clear: there is no gender differentiation when it comes to dignity, honour and respect, and women are not spiritually inferior to men in Allah’s sight.
  • One root cause the culture of belittling women is the lack of awareness that some of our acts or words could have such an effect in the first place. Another key factor that has greatly enabled this culture is victim-blaming. While it seems convenient to blame the victims and even the world we live in, the truth is no one else is accountable for the sins we willingly choose to commit but ourselves.

  • let us remind each other to respect and accord women the dignity which Islam has bestowed on them. Remember that our respect for women should be consistent both in our private and public lives. Begin with our own mothers, wives and daughters, just as we would not want another actions by others in society to cause and harm or disrespect to them.