The Importance of Being Just

  • Sometimes, without us realising it, parents favour one child over others and this results in hatred, resentment and even vengefulness amongst siblings. It may also affect the parent-child relationship and may cause the children to feel as if they have been side-lined and are not good enough for the parents. This may affect the child’s self-esteem, and may hamper his or her mental and emotional development.
  • Justice demands that we put matters in its rightful place and to honour the accorded rights of every soul. By not upholding justice, we are creating room for cruelty and other oppressive traits to take place. Justice demands that we do what is right, not what we necessarily want or desire. Justice demands that we be courageous and tenacious in upholding the truth.
  • When Islam commands every believer to act justly, it is demanding justice in every aspect of the believer’s life – his actions, speech, relationships and so on. We are also taught that justice is not limited only towards humans, but also to all of Allah’s creations, and that will be discussed further during the Friday sermons throughout this month.