Hadith Qudsi: The Importance of Being Just

  • When Islam commands a believer to act justly, it encompasses all aspects of life. It encompasses justice in our actions, speech and dealings with other people as justice is a form of taqwa. And indeed, a person who acts justly, is one of greater taqwa.



  • Justice invites us to remain steadfast in doing  good, preaching good character, and continue to show others of how beautiful and noble our religion is. This is to ensure that those who are confused on Islam or have some misunderstanding on its teachings will eventually notice the beauty of our religion through our actions, speech and our positive attitude. If we are to counter hatred with hatred, the situation will surely worsen and our close relationships we have built before, will crumble.



  • An act of an individual does not represent a group. The mistake made by an individual does not reflect the overall values of the community. Just as how we do not want to be perceived unfairly when a Muslim is involved in an act of violence, we ought to avoid behaving as such towards others.