Enhancing Our Understanding of the Meaning of Wisdom as mentioned in the Quran

  • Two Important matters when spreading the message of Islam:- 1) Our objective should be for Allah, and we do good deeds to please Him and to gain his mercy. 2) to do it with wisdom and contemplating on the most effective approach.
  • According to scholars, one is successful in achieving hikmah when one is able to place something in its place accordingly.
  • Realise that those who commit mistakes because of ignorance do not fall within the same category as those who commit a mistake when they already know that it is wrong. Sometimes the situation calls for a person to be firm, and at times, a gentle approach is more effective.
  • If he feels there is a need to discuss and debate certain matters, then Islam allows for this but there are conditions to be observed. One must choose his words wisely, be conscious of his actions, body language, and managing his emotions when presenting his arguments and evidences. The final objective is not to determine the winner and loser. The objective that we are all striving for is to find the truth and to guide others to the path of God. This is the pinnacle of adab practised by the scholars when they faced issues of ikhtilaf.