Emulating The Prophet s.a.w.: Sense of Humility

  • The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was a man of noble character and distinguished morals. We should strive to reflect upon the stories of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and emulate his moral values. It is important that we strive to practise his teachings in our daily lives.



  • As people of faith and knowledge, we must strive to protect ourselves from the negative traits of conceit and arrogance. He who has knowledge should not allow the sense of pride to deceive him into thinking that only his opinion is right, and others are wrong. He who has faith should also prevent himself from speaking in a condescending manner.



  • The sense of humility is the key to righteousness. It safeguards our relationship with Allah s.w.t., preserves ties among human beings, and teaches us that whatever we possess actually comes from Allah. This is because everything belongs to Allah s.w.t.