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சமுதாயங்களின் வாழ்வில் மதங்களின் பங்கு

  • If we were to study world history in detail and with a sense of remorse, we will find that this vast earth has been a battlefield between those who want goodness and truth, and those who seek to spread evil and falsehood. At times, truth triumphs, and at times falsehood wins. The battle between the two will continue until Allah bequeaths this earth to His servants who love peace, goodness and welfare for all.
  • Even today we continue to witness such despairing developments. The geo-political turmoil around the world has led to conflicts and war, affecting millions of innocent lives. As a human being and as a Muslim that has ihsan (compassion), we are affected, saddened and even angry witnessing these painful developments. This is where religion is pertinent in guiding us towards upholding the good, and restraining evil. This is because Islam wants goodness, peace as well as development, not destruction and damage.
  • We need to be objective and not allow our emotions and anger to get the better of us. It is extremely easy for irresponsible parties to ride on the conflicts involving Muslims and use it as a means to create unrest between Muslims and non-Muslims. This is where we hope that the Islamic values that we have learned can guide us and our families.