Today’s Hardships Will Yield a Better Future

  • When a believer is faced with hardship and adversity, he does not think ill of Allah, and doubt that Allah (s.w.t.) is with him. This is because his heart is full of conviction that Allah is Al-Wakil (The Guardian), and that He will not forsake His servants as long as they remember and think well of Him.



  • Know that every hardship we go through will eventually yield its reward. It will also build our character, make us stronger and more resilient.



  • Just look at the situation today. It taught us to strive and seek solutions for all the challenges. For example, we are more appreciative of the opportunity to perform prayers at the mosques. We realise the importance of taking care our physical and mental health. We remain united in adapting to change, in order to preserve the wellbeing of our community. We have also come to appreciate the efforts put forth by our frontliners, among many others.