Ramadan The Month Of Spiritual Revival

  • Alhamdulillah, we are grateful that we will be able to perform tarawih, qiyam and read the Quran in our mosques despite some limitations and restrictions. One of the ways we can show our gratitude is by preserving these blessings and not misuse the precautionary steps just because we want to go to the mosques. If we can secure a place in the mosque, we should be thankful towards Allah and pray that others will also have their turns and be given the opportunity to do so.



  • However, my brothers, if we are unable to secure a place in the mosques, do not be disappointed. Take it as a chance to enliven our homes by performing acts of worship with our household members. In addition to the reward we will be getting for performing acts of worship, we will also be rewarded for strengthening our familial bonds. In fact, performing our acts of worship at home could also help us remain focused towards Allah. This is also a blessing from Allah that we must be thankful for.



  • Let us teach our soul to become a believer who does not only have high level of spirituality, but also someone who shows mercy and kindness towards others this Ramadan. Let us continue our effort to protect the safety of our community.