Goodness In This World And The Hereafter

  • Everything He decrees is for our own benefit. Sometimes, we are unable to comprehend the wisdom behind what Allah (s.w.t.) destined for us until much later. In some instances, we might not even recognise its benefit for us in this world, as it is meant to be reaped in the hereafter.



  • Alhamdulillah, our community has collectively preserve the values of our beloved faith. We have persevered. We have strived to adapt and change, be it in public spaces or places of worship. All the challenges we underwent together are not for nothing; there is certainly good and wisdom behind it.



  • In relation to this, the Fatwa Committee has conducted a research since as early as last June, to explore the various options available in the Islamic tradition in order to allow as many congregants as possible to pray in the mosque. Among the options that were discussed was the possibility of perfoming Friday prayers before the usual timing. This option was discussed as it was practised by our Prophet (s.a.w.) and his companions when they were faced with a difficult situation, which required the prayers to be performed earlier.