Ending the Year with As-Salam

  • Therefore, the essence of as-Salam means that Allah always wants peace and goodness for us. All His decrees are for the benefit of humankind in this world and the hereafter. There is no harm in everything that Allah decrees. Although the wisdom may not be apparent now, a believer should always turn to as-Salam and ask for safety and peace.



  • As we reflect upon the name of Allah, as-Salam, The One who Gives Peace, this attribute should be manifested in our daily lives, especially when we interact with others, by spreading peace and goodness. We seek peace not only by performing zikir and prayers, but peace can also be achieved when we have good relationships with others.



  • A Muslim who believes in Allah, the Giver of Peace, and seek for peace and safety in his life, will always strive to ensure the people around him also feel at peace with his presence.