Religion Brings One Closer to Allah

  • Our religion emphasizes the aspect of humanity in the practice of its teachings. Our religion teaches us not to hurt others, while we are being selfish and prioritize our comfort. This is not part of our religion.



  • Remember that the opportunity to continue performing acts of worships together in the houses of Allah is a huge blessing – one that should not be taken lightly. We do not want the sincerity of our good deeds to be tainted with selfishness as we take the rights and chances of others. When we are not able to secure our slots in the mosque, remember that one of our own brothers will be able to do so in that very slot that you wanted.



  • I would like to invite all of us to start now. Let us inculcate the spirit of increasing our acts of worship and good deeds within ourselves and our family. Whether we perform these acts at the mosques, or at home with our families. Let us share the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us, with the people around us.