Preserving the Environment

  • Humankind are the vicegerents on this earth. We are entrusted and delegated (mustakhlafin) with the responsibility to manage this world. Therefore, those who truly believe in Allah will do so in the best manner possible, and they will be greatly rewarded.



  • Today, this world is witnessing environmental crisis due to the greed of humankind. We are aware of the serious impact of climate change. Our generation might not experience the severe consequences, but if we are not committed to fulfil the responsibility of protecting the environment, we will then contribute to the destruction that will be faced by future generations. Is this what we wish to do?



  • We should follow the development of climate change, its activities and impact. This includes efforts to increase awareness in ourselves, and among our families, friends and members of our community. Educate ourselves about the steps we can take to save and protect our environment and ecosystem.