The Concept of Halalan Toyyiban in our Food Consumption

  • As a Muslim, we are obliged to consume what is made permissible, and refrain from what is prohibited. It is a part of our religion. Consuming halal food is of great importance as highlighted by the Prophet (s.a.w.) when he mentioned the link between the acceptance of our prayers and our efforts in ensuring that all aspects of our lives are lawful – our food and drink, our clothing as well as our means of sustenance. 
  • The assertion of the Quran which uses the phrase halalan toyyiban, indicates that both qualities should be observed. If the lawful aspect (halal) is an obligation that needs to be observed, then the good aspect (toyyib) must also be observed as much as possible. 
  • According to studies, food waste is a problem that is so acute in this day and age. In Singapore alone, the amount of food wastage has increased over the past few years. 
    This can be avoided when every one of us work hard to reduce the amount of food waste individually and collectively. This can be done either by buying only the necessary amount of food which is sufficient for you and your family, or by controlling our expenditure, and not spending in excess.