A Believer’s Reliance on Allah s.w.t.

  • Imam al-Ghazali mentioned in one of his writings that when we hope for something, it is a manifestation of our reliance on Allah s.w.t. and an effort we make in its pursuit. As such, the true essence of hope is built upon faith in Allah s.w.t. and backed by hard work and optimism – regardless of the circumstances.



  • Our current situation has made us realise the importance of placing our faith in Allah s.w.t. and seeking His help. In addition, we must strive to increase our good deeds, as well as support those who are in need.



  • We must accept that life is ever-changing. Sometimes change means that we must adapt to our conditions and adopt those changes in order to move forward. Those who believe in Allah s.w.t. and rely upon Him would certainly accommodate these changes without losing sight of their roles and responsibilities.