Upholding The Virtue of Amanah

The virtue of amanah is one of the most important traits that was emphasised by Rasulullah s.a.w. and which he instilled in the hearts of the Companions (Sahabah). This has been made evident when we observe the character of his best companion, Saidina Abu Bakar r.a., who upheld the virtue of amanah, trustworthiness and honesty in all his words and actions. As such he was given the title of As-Siddiq, which means: The Truthful. The story of Saidina Abu Bakar r.a. serves as a prime lesson and example for us to emulate in our lives. If the companions of the Prophet s.a.w., whose resilience in faith have been proven on countless occasions, uphold the virtue of amanah with such diligence, it is then essential that we – who are faced with the trials and tribulations of the modern day – strive to do the same.

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