Aidiladha Sermon Sacrificial Attributes of The Believers

  • Come Eidul adha, we will be reminded on the meaning of sacrifice. The truth is, we all have made our own personal forms of sacrifices, be it through our wealth, our time and energy, and even our emotions. These are the sacrifices we make for ourselves, our family, society, religion and country. In fact, some of these sacrifices were done instinctively without much hesitation.

  • For example, whenever we read of unfortunate incidents on social media and calls for assistance were being made for the victims, we would often find members of our community hastening to offer their assistance in the form of money, time, energy, and sometimes even their homes. 

  • To sacrifice is one of the prophetic attributes that we have witnessed throughout their lives in their efforts to preach Islam. As mentioned by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., Prophets and Messengers are those who are given the heaviest tests by Allah s.w.t. Despite this, they willingly put aside any of their resentments or negative sentiments for the sake of Allah. They were ready to sacrifice their worldly comfort for Allah s.w.t.  These commendable virtues of the Prophets are then emulated by other pious servants in their quest to achieve Allah’s pleasure. 

  • Hence let us ask ourselves, what are the sacrificial attributes of the Prophets that we can best emulate in our personal sacrifice, with hopes of deriving Allah’s pleasure and His benefits?