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அல்லாஹ்விடம் பாவமன்னிப்புத் தேடுதல்

This week, we are still on the topic of forgiveness. As we have discussed in the previous sermons, forgiveness is closely related to ihsan or compassion. And ihsan brings about excellence. As Muslims, we strive hard to become individuals or insan who are able to achieve excellence, individuals who uphold noble values, and thus a community of excellence. Have we truly understood the value of forgiving others in our lives? Forgiveness is also an approach that is encouraged by Islam in dealing with issues faced by the community. Hence, Islam has no relations whatsoever to any form of violence. Remember jemaah, any form of violence is a reflection of internal violence- not just harsh manners and actions, but also violent acts that cause death, injuries and bloodshed. These are some of the challenges that our community is currently facing. Let us return to the true and beautiful values taught by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.