Humility Is an Islamic Virtue

  • This week’s Friday sermon would like to emphasis on humility. Without humility, arrogance and ego will overcome us and this will harm ourselves and others. In fact, humility is the key towards avoiding animosity and oppression among humankind.
  • We should constantly reflect upon ourselves and look deep into our hearts. Think about our actions toward Allah s.w.t. as well as our actions toward others; watch our words on social media, and seek the advice and honest evaluation from those closest to us.
  • Humility is the key not just in being well-liked and accepted by others, but also to gain Allah’s pleasure. A humble person will be more easily welcomed by others and this will open doors to more opportunities to do good. By being tawadhu’ we will be employees and colleagues who are open to criticisms, and even actively asking for them in order to improve ourselves. It will also make one a head of family that is more beloved to his family because we are able to seek forgiveness easily when we are in the wrong and improve the situation, which an arrogant and egoistic person is unwilling to do.