Humility in Performing Good Deeds

  • A person may seem ordinary, but only Allah s.w.t. knows his real status in the eyes of Allah. We may be deceived by what is displayed outwardly, but Allah is All-Knowing on what is made seen and hidden by each individual. Hence, we should never judge others based on what we see. What we should be doing instead is to pray for the best for them in our shared journey of seeking Allah’s pleasure and blessings.
  • If we cannot guarantee our own state of iman, then who are we to look down upon others and judge them for the mistakes they make and Who are we to dismiss their deeds and make light of it. They may change and become far better people that we have and ever will be. We must assume the best of Allah, and that He will not dismiss the good deeds of His servants. At the same time, every mukmin must continue to seek Allah’s mercy and help because only Allah The All-Knowing is aware of how everything will end