Improving Ones Self Through Supplication

  • Each and every one of us has the desire to better himself, in religion, character, knowledge or even health. Verily, it is a commendable effort for those who pursue such acts.  We have been taught by our religion to constantly better ourselves to the best of our abilities and efforts. Every step taken towards our improving ourselves is regarded by Allah s.w.t. as a good deed that deserves His acceptance and reward.

  • It is undeniable that the process of improving one’s self is not an easy task, for every path that we tread, there are challenges awaiting, testing our readiness. Such obstacles require us to be proactive, courageous and positive, yet most importantly, we need to be certain of the silver lining behind every challenge. Likewise, we are also reminded to exercise patience and precaution, such that our responses are accurate and effective. All these, coupled with constant supplication to Allah s.w.t. are some of the most important reminders upon embarking on the journey of self-improvement.

  • Supplication is one of the means for humankind to achieve closeness to Allah s.w.t.  Through it, they will be enlightened of Allah’s might and power, and will thus acknowledge their own weaknesses. Supplication is a treasure that was passed down from the Prophet s.a.w. to his ummah for their practise and benefit.