Uswatun Hasanah – Remembering Allah

  • This life is not free from trials and tribulations. At times, the challenges we face in life make us feel anxious or uneasy, and negatively affect our mental wellness. Some of us are tested with marital or family problems, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, failure in some of our individual struggles and so on. Indeed, all these tests may bring about emotional and psychological stresses. In fact, just like the adults, unfortunately our children too are not free from symptoms of depression and mental issues.



  • Remembrance of Allah is not just limited to reciting tasbih (i.e. saying Subhanallah). The true meaning of remembering Allah (s.w.t.), is to be always conscious of Him. This means besides reciting tasbih, tahmid or tahlil, we are encouraged to remember Allah (s.w.t.) in our hearts as we reflect on our daily lives.



  • Amidst today’s pandemic for example, many of us are facing emotional stress. To address this issue, the National Care Hotline is set up to provide help for those who need emotional support. Hopefully, by sharing our problems, we can relieve some of the stresses that we are facing.