Eradicating Superstitious Practices and Beliefs

  • Another aspect of faith that we ought to be conscious of in our lives, is to have tawakkal and placing our hopes in God’s judgement. In fact, one of the objectives of making supplication as taught by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is to instill unwavering belief in God. Only through such strong conviction do we strengthen our faith (iman); wthout it, our faith will weaken and fade.

    It is critical to realize that despite all the efforts that we have undertook to achieve our goals, it is pertinent for us to have conviction in Allah s.w.t to determine the outcome of our efforts. All the while supplicating to Him with sincere hopes that our dreams will one day become true. Our task is to work hard, and the results should be left to Allah’s decree. It is imperative for us to remain patient of the outcomes that Allah s.w.t. presents us, because He is All Knowing and understands the wisdom of such results. 

    We have witnessed, not just in today’s world, but even in the past, how individuals believe in superstitions and actions that are not in any way rooted in Islamic teachings, yet promise shortcuts to attain one’s desires. They assume that these superstitious acts can assist them in achieving what they want.