Continuous Good Deeds as Preparation for the Hereafter

  • This guidance shows how Islam teaches us to not only think about ourselves, but to care and think about others. Islam advocates for us to spread goodness, such as donating a part of our wealth to others, be it to a welfare organisation, among many others. All of these efforts will result in continuous reward.



  • There are many opportunities for us to bring goodness to others, which will benefit us in the hereafter. One of the ways that we can contribute is through Wakaf Ilmu, which is an effort where the contributions will be used for the benefit of religious education institutions as well as needy students who require assistance. This is our initiative to strengthen the Islamic religious education in Singapore.



  • In addition, Islam has never limited contribution to just wealth. In fact, the companions of our Prophet (s.a.w.) always strived to contribute goodness. Those with less wealth would contribute their energy and ideas. All kinds of contributions were accepted by our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.).