[Aidiladha Sermon] Resilience of the Faith as a Driving Force for Success in this Life and the Hereafter

  • Every time Eiduladha arrives, we will be reminded of the stories of the sacrifices done by Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Sayyidatina Hajar and their son, Prophet Ismail a.s. When we look at their lives, it is clear that they were very resilient and very certain of Allah's protection and help.
  • The story of Prophet Ibrahim and his family a.s. reminds us of the power of a person's resilience in their faith. It has the potential to push human beings into achieving remarkable feats – whether it is in braving through the storms and overcoming hardships in life, or in achieving success after success, faith is a source of motivation and a driving force in life.
  • Adversity can cause benefit if the person remains positive and resilient in the face of it. Remember! Allah does not test us except that He knows we have the potential to overcome it.