Achieving Taqwa Through Sacrifice

  • Among the rituals that are related to Aidiladha, apart from Hajj, is the ritual of Korban. It serves as a reminder of the story of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. who was commanded by Allah s.w.t. to sacrifice his beloved son, Prophet Ismail a.s.



  • Sacrifice, in the sight of Allah s.w.t., is not how much we have spent of our wealth. Rather, it is measured by our sincerity and consciousness of Allah s.w.t. when performing these acts of




  • Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, I am grateful that the Singaporean Muslim community has been able to strike a balance between practising our faith and upholding social responsibilities. We have made adjustments in our lives with open hearts and minds. We acknowledge that Islam teaches us to be responsible individuals who are not afraid to make sacrifices to protect ourselves, our families, and the welfare of the larger community.