Religious Principles on Halal Consumption

  • As a believer, we are certain that there are benefits in everything that Allah has prohibited. Allah decreed prohibitions to preserve the welfare of humankind and safeguard societal well-being. As mentioned in the Quran, everything Allah permits are of goodness and what He prohibits are of harmfulness. 
  • The guidance from the Quran about halal consumption is clear for every believer. We understand that choosing what we consume is a personal responsibility that has to be observed by every individual. Just like other religious obligations such as prayers, zakat, fasting, which are part of one’s individual responsibilities, the same goes for making the right food choices. 
  • It is important for us to increase our knowledge and deepen our understanding regarding the principles of Syariah (Islamic law). A comprehensive understanding of our religion enables us to become Muslims who are certain in making accurate judgements wherever we are.