Success at The End of Ramadan

  • During the moments we lower ourselves in prostration throughout Ramadan, certainly there is a sense of remorse that seeks to remove the remnants of arrogance in ourselves.



  • Ramadan is not a magical machine that will turn human beings into angels. This flawed being which came into Ramadan as a human will leave Ramadan as a human. Life challenges and trials will not stop coming. Our desires and the devil will continue to whisper into our hearts.



  • What we seek to achieve is the cleansing of our hearts so that we can feel the lightening of the burden of our sins that have been weighing heavily on our souls. Thus, it is hoped that we succeed in becoming human beings who will continue to love goodness and detest evil. The success of true repentance does not only come in the form of forgiven sins, but true repentance is when we become human beings who feel shame and regret as soon as we commit a transgression.