Khutbah Aidiladha: Transformation Requires Sacrifice

Allah s.w.t. has bestowed upon us countless blessings – He has granted us joy and happiness as we celebrate the festival of Eiduladha. However, despite the festivities, we are aware that as human beings, we will continue to face trials and tribulations. At times, we may feel burdened with the challenges that we face, to the point where some of us may feel that the world is being unfair towards us. What would thus be an appropriate reaction for Muslims? Islam has taught us that the best way to deal with life’s challenges is to strive our best in achieving what is best for our lives and those around us. We are taught to work hard, and that sacrifices are needed in order to bring about changes and improve the situation we are in. We are taught to understand that success does not come easy –it is only attained through perseverance and sacrifices.

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