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இரக்கம் கொள்வது- சமுதாயத்தில் மாற்றங்களை ஏற்படுத்தும்

  • One of noble trait propagated by Islam is to have empathy, and for us to put ourselves in the shoes of others who are experiencing difficulties. If we think we are lacking in such a trait, then we should start instilling and developing it within ourselves starting now. This is because when a positive and commendable trait becomes an integral part of our character, we will be more motivated and inspired to do more good.
  • Empathy requires a soft heart and an openness to the teachings of the Prophet s.a.w. an example is to feed the poor and love the orphan.
  • As for those who are retrenched, it definitely affects their income. As a Muslim, we will not allow them to face this difficulty alone. We will sincerely support them to upgrade their skills and knowledge through the various training courses offered. If they need to explore new fields, then we should also give them our full support to enable them to adjust to the new industry of their choice.