Sense of Tranquility: A Blessing From Allah

  • When a believer is tested with challenges, he will remain calm, and his heart is filled with patience and faith in Allah. This is because behind every trial, he sees an opportunity for him to grow closer to Allah and attain success in the hereafter. He will not grumble or sigh in the face of hardship, nor does he put the blame on the decree of Allah.



  • We are able to gain lessons from the lives of the prophets as they were tested by Allah with the greatest of challenges. Their stories have been repeated many times in the Quran for us to learn from. Hence, it is important that we read and reflect upon the verses that mention the stories of their lives, as they reflect the many types of trials that Allah has tested mankind with, along with their solutions.



  • All these stories have taught us the importance of thinking positively when faced with life’s trials and tribulations. In addition, a believer will also continue to strive and put in his due effort, because Allah promises immeasurable rewards for those who strive and remain patient.