The Story of Prophet Musa a.s.: Gratitude in the Face of Trials

  • Although Prophet Musa a.s. and his followers were in a harsh and unpleasant situation, he reminded them to be thankful for all the blessings and provisions that God had set for them.



  • Each believer should strive to develop a sense of gratitude in the face of trials. It drives us to reflect upon ourselves and focus on the good things we are blessed with, despite being tested by God with certain hardship. It makes us realize that with every ordeal, there are also ease and comfort.



  • Nonetheless, our struggles and attempts in preventing the viral spread of the pandemic are far from over. Preventive measures such as maintaining good personal hygiene, keeping healthy, ensuring safe distancing and other practices must continue to be observed. We must not take these measures lightly because we do not want to cause any more harm and danger to our society.