Enlivening A Neighbourly Spirit

  • Islam does not only guide us in matters pertaining to our relationship with Allah, but Islam also encourages us to live well in society.   Indeed, Islam has taught us to appreciate peace and tranquility in life. As a religion, Islam promotes prosperity within society and shuns all forms of dissolution and discord.

  • As such, the act of fulfilling the rights of our neighbours is so significant that Allah s.w.t stresses the importance of being good to our neighbours in adjacent to His warning against associating Him with another.

  • Allah s.w.t did not create mankind to live in solitude.  Regardless of our capability and preparedness in being self-sufficient, we are still in need of others.  We require the presence of our family members, friends and inevitably the support of society. Hence, a prosperous society will only begin when we practise and uphold healthy values with our neighbours.