Observing the Meanings of Supplications in Prayer

  • Imam Al-Qurtubi states in his tafsir that when Allah s.w.t. highlights the act of praying above all other forms of worship, it is a sure sign of its importance and potent potential in a mukmin’s life, especially when accompanied with stout patience and firm resolution. Through prayer, a mukmin increases his prospects of attaining Allah’s aid, navigating his way out of difficult situations, and finding solutions to the trials in his life, whatever they may be.

  • Let us thus ask ourselves: What kind of prayer should we perform so that Allah s.w.t. may guide us through life’s trials and tribulations? The answer is clear: A prayer that is filled with humility, remembrance of Allah s.w.t. and awareness of what we recite during prayer. Do we assume that prayer is simply a sequence of various motions and recitations? How many of us realize that every line we recite in every posture of our prayer is in actuality a form of du’a and zikr?