Balance in God's Creation

  • Surah Ar-Rahman begins by mentioning the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon His creations whom He loves. It highlights how we are blessed with the revelation of the Quran, access to knowledge and the faculty of thought, as well as sustenance from Allah. All these serve to remind us of our dependency on Allah’s compassion and protection. However, what is also imperative to note is that these verses, which speak of Allah’s blessings, are followed repeatedly by reminders on the concept of a fair balance or “Al-Mizan”. What does Al-Mizan mean?
  • According to scholars of tafsir, the term “Al-Mizan” in the verse refers to justice and balance found in all of Allah’s creations. Everything that Allah The One and The Most High has created on this earth was created with justice and balance. For example, there is balance in the creation of the skies the earth, the ecosystem, and so on. It is important for us to study and understand this aspect of balance or “mizaniah” in Allah’s creations. Any imbalances and excesses in using the blessings that Allah has given to us will affect the balance and harmony of the earth. The undesirable consequences will be seen not just in the hereafter, but also as harmful effects to humanity in this world.
  • Hence, we should be thankful and grateful to Allah for blessing us with water is by appreciating water, and trying our best to use water responsibly, with justice and being balanced in our usage. These steps may seem very small to some of us. But these small steps can actually lead to significant changes and impact our consumption of water. Remember that every effort we take in trying to save water is a noble act in the sight of Allah, and will contribute to the well-being of the community.