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"தக்வா" வின் மூலம் இரக்க சிந்தனையை வளர்த்துக் கொள்வது

  • After several weeks of discussing the meaning of empathy, this week’s sermon will highlight that one of the ways to instil empathy in us is to pay attention to the aspect of taqwa in all our actions. Taqwa can be developed and instilled in our hearts. One way to do it is by always finding ways to contribute towards the prosperity of the society at large. We should learn from the stories of the sahabah radiyallahu anhum, of how they assisted and helped one another.
  • We should realise that contributing to the welfare of others is not limited to giving money. In fact the concept of sadaqah and infaq itself are not limited to money and wealth. Helping others to get out of difficult situations and easing their burdens are also considered as sadaqah. In fact, saying good words that do not have elements of accusations, hurtful words and scorn, is also a form of sadaqah.
  • At the same time, do not assume that we are better than those whom Allah has tested with trials and challenges. It could be that Allah has blessed us with more because of the help and assistance that we have extended to those in need.