Trials And Patience

  • This week's sermon, let us try to understand the meaning behind trials and sabr. Sometimes when God tests us, some of us will whine and sigh, in fact some will even blame fate and so on. There are also those who assume that they are tested because they are not loved by Allah s.w.t. and that Allah is not pleased with them. In fact Prophet was tested with ill health and also his family. Thus, when we are being tested by Allah s.w.t. it does not mean that Allah hates us, but it could very much be the reverse. Sometimes, a person is tested even though he is one who is dearly loved by Allah s.w.t. The test is as a kaffarah or an expiation for his past sins.
  • Hence jemaah, when we feel that the trials we face are too heavy for our shoulders to bear, just look at those whom Allah have tested with far greater tests. We should hence be grateful to Allah s.w.t. for the blessings He has showered upon us. Despite the heavy burden of the trials that we face, there are many other blessings that God has bestowed upon us continuously.
  • Whatever our hopes and dreams are, let us strive to never neglect them. Continue to strive diligently and with sabr, and believe that we will one day attain what we desire. Be confident that Allah is always with those who are sabr. At the same time, do not ever stop making doa to Allah, asking Him to grant us sabr in chasing our dreams for this world and the hereafter.