Returning to Allah

  • Our state of being distant from Allah (s.w.t.) is sometimes tied to our daily lifestyle. We might be busy with our work commitments and multiple other responsibilities. Nevertheless, we should never neglect our acts of worship. We should never abandon our relationship with our Creator.



  • We should start by practising the Prophetic sunnah that are easy and practical to be included as part of our daily activities. For example, beginning each task with basmalah, reciting istighfar or other supplications wherever we are, and even greeting our family and friends with a smile and kind words.



  • The blessings that we receive from Allah are countless. Therefore, it is important for us to say ‘Alhamdulillah’ as sincerely and as often as possible. When we are thankful towards Allah for even the simplest blessing during our times of ease, we will find it easier to remember Him during our times of difficulty. And make supplication to Allah (s.w.t.). Ask Him to make us and our family amongst those who constantly remember Him and do good.