Manners When Interacting With Non-Muslims

  • This week’s sermon will expand on these reminders, focusing on our interactions and communications with non-Muslims. When Muslims interact with non-Muslims, they should remember and abide by Allah’s reminders. One of these important reminders is: Appreciating and recognising a person’s freedom of religion.
  • Islam does not allow for one to be forced into the religion, in fact, Islam emphasises respecting one another. Hence, on the same note, Allah forbids us from insulting others’ beliefs and faiths. It is not the way of a Muslim to insult nor make fun of the beliefs of others because it will not bring about any benefits to Islam. Islam was revealed to guide humankind to the truth.
  • We have to hold true to the Islamic principle of spreading peace and harmony. This should be reflected in our speech and action. By holding on to this principle, we will always love peace, tranquility, and be willing to extend our hand to those who love prosperity for all.