Praying For World Peace

  • Life is a constant spiritual battle. As Muslims, faith is our source of strength and resilience in facing this battle. It gives us hope and determination to overcome challenges. It strengthens our spirit to continue our pursuit of goodness. It assures us that Allah will grant us help (an-nasr) as long as we continue to place our trust in Him and commit to His path.



  • We acknowledge that we live in a very difficult, challenging and uncertain time. While the current situation is indeed very worrying, there are reasons for us to remain positive and grateful. In making the required adjustments to our lives including the way we celebrate our festive season, we have been able to bond with our families in a responsible manner. We have been able to enjoy the happiness of Syawal, although not as festive as we would like it to be.



  • At the same time, we are reminded not to worsen the situation by instigating words that propagate hate, disunity and enmity. As believers, we must be just and reject all forms of violence and hostility, regardless of whom the target is. In these moments when our supplications are accepted by Allah (s.w.t.), let us humble ourselves before Him and ask Him to restore peace in this world and put an end to all forms of cruelty and violence.