Fulfilling Caregiving Responsibilities for Children

  • Our religion emphasizes the importance of providing care for children in general, which includes caring for orphans and abandoned children. In fact, any book of fiqh will mostly include a specific chapter discussing the rulings related to the care of abandoned children (al-manbuz or al-laqit). This is to ensure that we obey Allah’s commands to exercise the rights of every child and to preserve their safety and security.



  • These children need to be cared for, but that becomes impossible when they no longer have biological parents to play the required caregiving roles and responsibilities. Therefore, those who willingly sacrifice their energy, time, or resources to provide for the basic needs of these children are highly regarded in Islam, due to their acts of mercy and kindness. In fact, he will attain a place close to the Prophet (s.a.w.) in paradise.



  • Allow me to take this opportunity to urge everyone who has the means and willingness to either adopt or provide foster care for children, to contact the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) for further information. It is important to remember that even if they are not our own children, the efforts we make to provide them with the required attention and love in their lives will surely be rewarded.