Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf

  • On this day of barakah, we welcome the arrival of Muharram, a blessed month that is very special as it marks the start of the new Islamic year. Hence, let us renew our determination and make positive resolutions at the start of this new hijri year.
  • When we discuss about sabr, we cannot deny the importance of studying the lives of the Prophets (Anbiya') for they were those who faced all sorts of tests from Allah s.w.t. Among them, Prophet Yusuf a.s., whose story of patience is often mentioned.
  • The story of Prophet Yusuf a.s. teaches us the true meaning of being tested, and also of patience (sabr). At times when a person is tested by Allah s.w.t., some may complain and whine, and some may even blame fate and so on. Allah’s tests for a person do not mean that the person is despised, in fact it could mean the complete opposite. At times, a person is tested even though he is the most beloved servant of Allah s.w.t.. There are those who are tested because these challenges are kaffarah or an expiation of their past sins.