Constant Self-reflection: The Key to Piety

  • Piety can be achieved through the process of observing and examining what we do, that is, through consistent self-reflection. Muhasabah is the process of self-auditing and self-examining whether a person has carried out every religious demand, whether it is a demand to do religious deeds or to leave all the prohibitions of Allah (s.w.t.). In fact, every blessing that Allah (s.w.t.) has granted us will have to be accounted for.


  • A blessing will be evidence against them if they use the blessing in a way that is not pleasing to Allah (s.w.t). On the other hand, if the blessing is used in a way that is pleasing to Allah (s.w.t), then it will be a reason for them to obtain the Jannah, or paradise of Allah (s.w.t).