Celebrating the New Year with Tremendous Hope

  • As a believer, we are taught to place our hopes in Allah, as He is The Only One who has the power to grant all forms of goodness to His servants. He suffices all our needs in this world. In fact, all that we have asked for, including the inner aspirations kept within our hearts, are known to The One and Only. Allah’s mercy is abundant for all His believing servants.



  • The year 2020 has been a challenging year indeed. There are many adjustments that we have gone through in our daily lives. All the efforts that we have put in thus far, have started to produce results. We are now in Phase 3 and the situation in Singapore seems to have stabilised.



  • Glory be to Allah for all His provisions! He has provided us with

    health and solutions. We have now received the good news of Singapore’s access to vaccines in fighting the virus, which is clearly in line with our religion’s guiding principle of seeking cure and treatment for illnesses and diseases.