Knowing One of Allah’s Names: Al-‘Adl

  • My brothers, justice is about putting something in its rightful place. On the other hand, putting something in an inappropriate place is an act of injustice. Therefore, the name al-‘Adl signifies that Allah is truly perfect in all of His decrees, because Allah puts every single thing in its most suitable place, at the most suitable time, and for His most deserving creations.



  • Those who strive will be rewarded accordingly. Those who neglect will face disappointments due to their neglectfulness. Although there may be situations where a person might still fail despite his efforts, a believer continues to have complete faith in Allah’s justice – that Allah will grant him something better than what he asked for. Such is Allah’s justice.



  • Therefore, a person who believes in Allah al-‘Adl will appreciate, love and be content in Allah’s decrees in the creation of this world, including anything that befalls upon him. He will also strive to achieve his goals in this life and the hereafter, while being grateful for whatever that Allah has decreed for him.