Family Relationships

  • In order to maintain and preserve good relationship with our family, we need to be patient and at the same time, observe hikmah (wisdom). There are definitely tests and challenges with regards to family life. A Mukmin (believer) must continually nurture empathy in his or her self in order to face the challenges of family life. When a person does not have empathy they will look only towards their own needs and personal interests. Empathy will lead a person to put themselves in the shoes of others. It will allow them to understand and comprehend the feelings of others and the issues that they face.
  • For example, if there is a conflict between in-laws, then every party should strive to understand the situation, feelings and the needs of other parties. This approach will help to open avenues in finding a solution and prevent it from being prolonged. Try to imagine the feelings of the daughter or son in law that has just entered the family. She or he would definitely be lacking in experience, and needs guidance from a more experienced person. There are many Islamic guidelines that can help overcome these problems and conflict within the family. Some issues require focus and attention while others are simply minor issues and shouldn’t require too much attention nor should one make a big deal out of it.
  • Being involved here means in a manner suitable in educating them, and not in a harmful way that may lead to divorce and so on. Hence, a person should make the intention to bring about change and to improve the situation, and expect that his advice will bring positive changes, and not the opposite.