Uswatun Hasanah – Mercy

  • Love for our Prophet (s.a.w.) is an important part of our faith. It should not only be shown through our words, but it should also be reflected through our actions and by emulating his noble examples.



  • Should we look through the history of our Prophet (s.a.w.) and examine each decision made by our Prophet (s.a.w.) whilst managing the community, we will find that our Prophet (s.a.w.) would always choose the approach that would aid in fostering unity and harmony. Whenever there was an opportunity to make peace, achieve consensus, and promote cooperation, that will be his (s.a.w.) chosen approach, even if there were those who did not agree with him.



  • Alhamdulillah, our practise of the religion here in Singapore has been grounded upon the principle of moderation. This principle encourages us to do our best in whatever field we are in. An attitude that enables us to make informed decisions on which needs to be prioritised. An attitude that pushes us to display compassion to all.